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                    Welcome to Structured  Water for Life

                                      A breakthrough in natural science

      Restoring water to its original life giving  state as found in Nature

"We Cannot improve on the natural beauty and intelligence of Nature.We can only simulate her majesty, power and  wisdom and look to her for the answers we seek"   Collette Taaffe


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 What does  Structured Water do for you

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification  Off gases  and neutralizes chlorine and fluoride from your water

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification Softens water naturally dissolving limescale, calcium ect
 so you save money on an extra water softener.
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purificationIncreases  the absorption of vitamins and supplements [you need
less and save money]
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification Wonderful for your heart [Increases blood circulation by 
 un-clumpping blood cells 
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purificationPets and livestock  choose  it over any other water.
Healthier animals less need for antibiotics
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purificationNourishes the soil by structuring minerals and increasing the   
 micro-organisms  for really health soil.[They love it.]
 Improves  garden  plants tolerance to withstand  colder temps.
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purification 
 Builds strong bones and teeth in adults and growing children
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification Makes minerals in water  more bio-available 
for your health and vitality.
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purification Helps detox the body .
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purificationDissolves  calcified plaque on  your teeth.
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purificationWonderful for your  health and well being 

 Increases the  nutrients vegetables, fruits and nuts you grow 
as plants can receive the minerals and nutrients from the soil.

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purificationReduces water costs and consumption up to 33%

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification
Completely Hydrates your body.Structuring the water restores 
the water molecules to their original size the perfect 
        for our bodies  .
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification
Cut flowers last longer

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purification
Improves aerobic bacteria in  all septic tanks and sewage systems
so they work more efficiently.

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification
Naturally  alkalizes  water to 7.0ph to 7.5ph.
Perfect for a healthy  body.

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification
Improves the health of livestock and pets

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purification
Cleaner and healthier fish tanks.

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purificationBest water you can give to your family & friends

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life;  water filtration; purificationDelivers life giving oxygen & hydrogen to our cells 
while removing waste products 

Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purification
Brings photonic light to your cells
Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life; water filtration; purificationYour water returns to our ground water energized and structured  , so takes care of our  precious water supply for our    
        children, grand children and  our future  generations .

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How to Use Natural Action Structured Water to Neutralize Toxins

The further we have gone away from the  natural  world and natural science the more imbalanced our bodies, our lives,and our planet have become. We have rarely looked to nature in her infinite wisdom to show us the way.  Now that is all changing.We have learned that Nature knows how to balance and regenerate herself and all we have to do is follow her lead and we will be healthy and happy.

 The breakthrough in our understanding  of the true nature of water came from Victor Schauberger and later  many Russian scientists and Clayton Nolte They all  studied the natural process by which water cleanses and regenerates itself in nature and the crystalline matrix  of water in its true state. Water is a fluid living Chrystal. Water regenerates and restructures itself  through a vortexing action in the river or stream Water never flows in a straight line in nature. As the river flows downstream cascading over rocks and boulders , it creates spiraling vortexes that structure the water, cleansing and restoring it to its original state. This is water,s way of regenerating  itself and it has done this since  the beginning of life on earth . We now know through the research of many  Russian scientists  that water holds  the memory of all it encounters ,on its journey back to its source. Through  this amazing natural  vortexting  cycle all memory of what the water has absorbed and been imprinted with on an energetic level ,is completely erased.

The water is then rejuvenated and  restored to its original  state, full of  life force energy and bio-photonic light,  This  Photonic light energy is in  everything  that is alive  in the natural world.  including us. This pure bio- photonic light can be  measured with  an advanced technology called the  G D V [ gas discharge visualization] based on the Kilian effect . This technology can show the life force and  photonic light present in water . Our Structured water systems have been shown to create the highest photonic  light of all on the market today. They simulate the very same  vortexting action that occurs in the mountain stream, allowing the water to work on itself. Through structuring the water molecules are restored to their original size which are the perfect size to hydrate our cells.  Because of this after drinking  1 glass of structured water our bodies are  between 75%/80% hydrated . The minerals  in the water  are made  bio-available  by structuring  so we receive them in the water  which is wonderful   for our health and well being.  From the work and research of  Victor  Schauberger,  Austrian naturalist, and  Nature scientist  Clayton Nolte ,who have  both studied the true nature of water, and  the science of water, we can now benefit in every aspect of our daily lives, in our homes, gardens, farms, pools and livestock. Much  gratitude to these wonderful men who are now sharing this breakthrough with the world.

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The Secrets of Living Structured Water
An important introduction to the nature of crystalline structured water as a living, vital, and enlivinging force that is essential to the health of all living organisms. Excerpts from Dr. Emoto, ...

This amazing technology  in  our Structured Water home, garden , pool  and commercial systems  simulates this same vortex action as found in Nature. , equivalent to a 3 mile stretch of mountain stream. Just imagine having this water coming from the faucet in your own home  to  drink , shower  cook,  bathe, use in your garden ,give to your children , pets and animals and  in your pool and Jacuzzi,.

You will save  so much money  with a structured water unit in your home. Our structured water  systems softens  water naturally and easily. Lime scale, calcium , and all other  arrogate build up from hard minerals in the water are easily and naturally dissolved . So no need  to spend your money on an extra water softener  saving you
up to  $500 a lone  No Need to constantly add salt ect to your system.
The water is the working part and it works on itself .

Everything in your garden will thrive on structured  water  As the water passes through the structured water unit  it also structures the minerals in the soil ,so they can be taken up  by the plants ,vegetables fruit trees , resulting in up  to 40% more nutrient density in your in everything you grow..  [See video below]  The micro organisms in the soil love the structured water too  and they happily reproduce making your soil really healthy.  Healthy soil means healthy plants, vegetables, and fruits which of course means  vibrant  health for you and your family.

Structured Water has PH of 6.5  to 7,5 PH , perfect for the human body.  As we all know the perfect PH balance  for the body is between 6.5 and 7 . A balanced body PH creates an environment where pathogens and disease cannot live . Structured Water is  one of the best gifts you can give your body for  your health and well being. Structured water is also  very rich in Oxygen and  disease cannot live in an oxygen rich environment .

You will never have to  buy or replace a filter again ,Our structured water systems  require no maintenance. The water itself is the moving part and it works on itself inside the structured water system  The systems  contains sacred geometric forms that cause the water to flow and vortex  just like it does in a mountain stream . As it flows through, it is structured coming out the other end. 
This water increases aerobic bacteria [the  bacteria that is good for the human body and decreases anaerobic bacteria the bacteria that are not good for us. Structured Water is a vital element to a healthy body, a healthy home ,and happy plants and animals.

What is Photonic Light?

Photonic Light is an other word for  life force. It is the life force that is present in everything alive in nature including our bodies The more life force and photonic light present in any living thing the healthier it is.There is a special camera that can take a photo of this life force or photonic light and that type of photography is called kirlian 
 photography. When you pick and apple from a tree or pick a flower  it is full of this vital life force. As  the apple is stored in warehouses or had to travel a long distance before it reaches your super market the life force diminishes. The same is true of our water supply.  As Our water makes its way down the mountainside into our rivers,  streams and lakes it is building and gathering its life force as it structured itself through  flowing and vortexing along the way. As this same beautiful water enters our treatment plants and is  altered with chemicals and forced to run in straight lines it looses its structure and its wonderful life force. The great news is that when this treated water is run through a structured wtaer for life whole house system or any other of our water systems  it is regains its living life force and its structure and is restored to a crystalline living  state , just as it would be out in nature in the streams and rivers. When you drink structured living water you receive this life force and light into you body and your cells. Below is a video of really good well water that we ran through a structured water for life  system and and took a  photo before and after with the kirlian photography and you can see for yourself how the life force in the water increased.

 In this video is an example of before and after, the level of  photonic light  [life force] in water taken from  a really good  well in  New Mexico
As the water passed through our Structured water unit , its photonic light [ life force] became much brighter. Notice the difference in photonic life force between distilled water, well water and structured well water. This is the light and energy your cells receives from our structured water units.
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Bio-photonic light in well water
water filtration; purification; Structured Water For Life, health, hydrates, life
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Structured water, nature's gift to your health and     well being.

Structured Water is  so  natural to the human body. Everything in nature including  the human body is full of structured water at birth . All living food in its raw natural state is structured . When we eat a raw apple or tomato we receive the full nutrient value and life force because all living food is naturally structured.
Foods that grow in the wild  have the highest level of structuring because they receive life and grow with the vibrant structured water from the rain, rivers, ground water and sunlight.
When this same water comes through your faucet after been treated in  a  water treatment plant and running through pipes and plumbing in over 300 feet of  straight lines , it looses its structure and light.
When you run this same water through our structured water systems   it restores original divine order to the water.  All the molecules are restored to their perfect original size, the minerals are structured and made biol-available ,all memory of what the water has experienced before is erased, and the photonic light and life force are restored to the water. Anything else such as chlorine, fluoride etc are also structured and through this process are rendered harmless. 
The chlorine is returned to a gaseous form and will off gas after structuring and other harmful chemicals are carried by the structured molecules out of the body.
This is why  animals and pets will always choose structured water  over any other kind of water.They instinctively  know which is best for them.

Every thing thrives and flourishes on structured water
When we are born the water in our bodies is naturally structured. As we progress in years this wonderful structure gets broken down due to the water we drink which has lost its structure.  Our soils  have become devitalized so our food has lost its original nutrient value, plus the  stressful  lives we live that are out if harmony with nature and  the natural world .All of this depletes our bodies vital life force and well being. Our bodies are made of all the elements of nature, earth, Fire,water,air, and ether. So to keep ourselves in vibrant health we must balance these  elements within ourselves and consume the purest water we can find, eat  food grown organically, breathe clean air and live from our heart of love. Structure water helps cleanse the cells of all toxic emotion and blocks to our true nature which is divine as well as cleansing our bodies of toxins that cause illness and disease. 
Our bodies are 75% water so what you receive into your body when you drink structured water completely hydrates on a cellular level. This is what your plants , veggies, and pets also receive.. Can imagine the difference it makes to our whole well being when we  give ourselves the gift of structured water? .
The water in its structured form  truly hydrates our cells and causes all our bodies systems  to work  more efficiently.
Our  whole body is then  nourished , cleansed and revitalized by this living water.

Because of this structured water will help cleanse and detoxify the body. All food or vitamins that are taken with the structured water are so easily absorbed that you may need to take less vitamins or medication.
Structured water has it own natural intelligence and will enhance your health and well being in so many ways.

The life force and photonic light that has been restored by structuring is assimilated by our cells, and the water in our bodies is gradually restored to its original structured form  like we had when we were young.
Structured  water has an amazing effect on the blood cells too.
As you will see from the video above  it restores the electrical charge to the cells, causing the blood and circulation to flow, keeping your heart and cardiovascular system healthy and and bringing oxygenated blood to feed all your organs and cells.
You may wonder how can water make such a difference to your health and well being.

Because it is water as it was originally created, and it  brings that photonic light to our cells restoring  and nourishing our bodies and giving  all  the  true life enhancing properties that water was created to give . Structured Water is a true blessing from nature

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How Structured Water Can Change Our World
Dismayed by the low nutrient density of high priced produce, Roger Daggett describes some of the unexpected results of using Clayton Nolte's water structuring technology at his Arizona greenhouse. (ww...

Gardens, Agriculture, Livestock, all thrive on structured water.

Have you ever wondered why after a rain fall everything in the garden shoots up to twice its size , even though you have been watering diligently ?
This is because rainwater is structured. It has passed through nature,s cycle where every molecule has been re calibrated and structured to its original form.

Our structured water systems simulate this natural cycle in nature. When the water comes  through your garden unitcommercial unit or wholehouse unit it  brings the same quality of structure and photonic light , minerals, and happy soil micro-organisms to feed and nourish your plants ,trees, fruits veggies,and livestock.
Structured water  enhances the life of your soil ,and the micro-organisms that are so vital to healthy soil and plants.
Your plants develop a higher tolerance  to colder temperatures and are much hardier.

Animals, livestock, and pets become much healthier with a higher immunity to disease saving on costly vet bills and antibiotics.
Many tests have being carried out  on fruit farms in California and Arizona. After watering  a field of strawberries with structured water one time, the nutrient value was raised by 20% and in later tests has actually gone to 40%.

Structured water is life giving and sustainable to all of life.
The dynamically enhanced  and original structured water whole house system dynamically enhanced and original garden system ,and dynamically enhanced and original commercial system  all bring this quality of structured water to your home, garden, farm, and livestock.
In a nutshell everything thrives on structured water.

This amazing research that structured water has on fruits, plants and vegetables. Click on videos below.

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Strawberry Fields and PHOTONIC Structured Water
...Strawberry fiels after 1 watering with structured water; water filtration; purification

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Gardening with structured water

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