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List Of Structured Water Systems
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We offer  a variety of  Structured Water Systems
from Portable nits, to Shower System, Large and Small Garden System, Under the Sink system,
Whole House System, to Commercial Systems. We are also very excited to offer you our new line of  Dynamically enhanced  Systems that give you all the benefits of our Original structured water system and so many more  added benefits that take your structured water to a whole new level.
Our systems are sold  and shipped worldwide
Please be aware that there are a few groups of people selling water structuring systems  on the Internet and in person that are copy-cat, cheap, knockoff versions of the systems  we sell. and do not include the proprietary technology or materials that are in the systems we sell..  

All our systems come with a 90 day  money back  guarantee. 

Each system is backed by a 20 year  warranty  under normal working conditions .
Dynamically Enhanced  under the sink unit

DE Whole House System
€ 1499.00
lenght Approx 19  inches { varies according to fitting type.}
Weight  Approx 2lbs10 ozs{ Varies }
Pipe Types  Copper ,PEX, PVC,Galvanized, Adaptable 

Choose Pipe  size  1/2 inch,3/4 inch,  1 inch

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Original whole house unit

Original whole house structured water system
€ 999.00

Pipe types Copper, Pex, PVC, Galvanized, Adaptable.
Pipe size  1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch .

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There are currently five different Structured Water systems  available; The Whole House system will covers  the whole  home up to 2500 sq ft and comes in a choice of ½”, ¾”  1” or 1 and quarter inch  in/out diameter water line. The  system  is approx  8 1/2 inches long. All systems  are bi directional  flow and can be mounted in any position. Please  include pipe size in your order  Pipe Size  1/2 inch 3/4  inch1 and 11/2 inches   Also if pipe is copper,/ P V C /C PVC /galvanized  pipe or universal adaptable.

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dynamically enhanced shower unit

Dynamically Enhanced mini shower system.

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original mini shower unit

Original  structured water mini shower system. 
€ 199.00

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dynamically enhanced super shower unit 

Dynamically enhanced super shower system.
€ 499.00

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original super shower unit 

Original super shower system.
€ 349.00

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The Shower system
The Original shower system  and super shower system comes in two sizes.
The mini shower which is Approx 5 inches with a standard 1/2 inch thread, and the super shower which is 71/2 inches with a standard 1/2 inch thread.. If the shower outlet is too low,you can purchase  a 10 inch riser below.

Dynamically enhanced Portable unit 

Dynamically enhanced structured water
portable unit
lenght 7 1/2 inches
Weight (9.4oz
Pipe type { none Hand held}

Original Portable unit 

Original portable structured water unit
€ 249.00

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The Portable unit  is the answer when you want to enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of structured water when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling. Simply pour your water through the top end (funnel end) of the unit  and it comes out structured through the spout end at the bottom.

dynamically enhanced under the sink unit

Dynamically enhanced under the sink
structured water system

Lenght  8 inches
Weight 14.6 oz
Pipe types  1/2 inch rthreaded flex hose.
€ 499.00

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Original under the sink Unit 

Original  under the sink structured water system.
€ 399.00

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The Under Sink Structured Water system  comes with 2 hose connectors for installation under the sink.  The basic system is 8 ½ inches (with connector 10 ½ inches).  It is bi directional  flow and can be mounted in any direction  It  has a 1/2 inch threaded flex hose, and is suitable for house, apartments , & RV .

dynamically enhamced garden unit 

Dynamically enhanced  small structured water
garden system.
€ 499.00

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Dynamically enhanced large garden unit 

Dynamically enhanced large structured 
water garden system.
€ 1499.00

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Original  garden unit 

Original large structured water garden system.
€ 999.00

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The Garden Structured Water system  
is equipped with garden hose connectors for gardens, motor homes and portable uses and is the same dimensions as the Under Sink unit  .It is avail able in two sizes .The small unit is ideal fir a medium sized garden ,Patio, balcony, The larger unit is for  a larger property .ideal for 3/4 inch garden 

Dynamically enhanced commericial unit 

Dynamically enhanced  structured
water commercial  system
€ 2199.00

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Original commericial unit 

Original structured water commercial  system
€ 1499.00

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The Commercial unit is designed for a 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch in/out water line with at least 50 pounds per square inch pressure + is required.  Its basic unit length is 13 ½ inches (20 inches with connectors). This unit is perfect for larger properties such as farms , livestock, market gardens, and water stores  etc. It is approx 22 3/4 inches.

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To Order   Call  353 851586140  Ireland 
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The perfect package for your whole house
Includes 1 Dynamically Enhanced whole house unit 
and 1 Portable Dynamically Enhanced unit
This package gives you the freedom to enjoy structured water
where ever you are..
So wither you are at home bathing ,cooking, gardening
or soaking in your jacuzzi, or having dinner in your favorite restaurant
you know you are drinking the best water on earth.

DE Home Owners Package  1,898.00 Euro

With this package you can  easily take your structured water systems with you where ever you go . Ideal if you are renting  or even on the road and want to have the full benefits of structured water wherever you are. Package includes DE mini shower ,DE portable unit and DE
  DE The Renters Package  1,247.00  Euro  
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DE Travel Package  748.00 Euro

DE RV Package  1,247.00 Euro

Shower Riser  25.00 Euro

Well Riser Kit for 1/2, 3/4. 1, and 11/2 inch
for PVC, 40.00 Euro

 Water The great Mystery DVD  25  Euro.


        Please be sure to order the correct pipe size fitting on the whole house unit

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