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What is full spectrum living water?

Since time began human beings have had an intimate relationship with water. It is a gift from Mother Nature and is the foundation of all life on earth. Our relationship spans from physically bathing, swimming drinking, and growing our crops with this precious element to spiritually from holy wells to healing shrines we visit .Water is there for us giving of itself for our greatest good. We all have experienced the energy buzz we feel after swimming in a fresh water mountain stream or river, or taking a shower or bath in clean well water. There I is such a difference in the energy we feel here because this water in nature is a living water. Every animal and living thing will choose this water over any other water. We instinctively are drawn to it we know it is good for us.

The degree to which water can support life is directly linked to the amount of life force or in scientific terms photonic light that is in the water. Water can be vibrant with life force and energy or barely alive at all. Here on earth much of our water’s ability to support life has been so compromised by our lack od consciousness and awareness of its precious and magical nature and how we can best take care of it for our children, grand children and the generations to come.

Water in its crystalline living state is a flow in every drop of water in a geometric pattern very similar to the pattern in a quartz crystal . The molecules move as a coherent whole and this is what we call living water or structured water. This is how all of nature is created to live and move in unity. This is actually the essence of water and is its true spiritual nature.

Full spectrum living water is water ins this living crystal water that carries the full spectrum of life supporting frequencies within it.

So why then does water loose this energy, this life force when it comes out of its natural environment and into cities. ?

Water looses its structure when it is forced to run in straight lines . When water runs more then 300 feet in a pipe the water looses it structure . It is not flowing freely  and spiraling  in its living vortexes like it does in nature .

Before your reaches your home it has run through many pipes  that have caused your water to loose its vibrant livig state.

As soon as your water passes through the Structured water for life system this living  life force is restored to your water making it  healthy and alive again.