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How to bless your water ?

As you can seen from the videos below and the work of Master Emoto water in it crystalline state or structured state is the perfect conductor of our energy our words, our gratitude and love. Just like a quartz crystal the liquid crystal that water becomes when it is structured receives every imprint it is exposed to .

 Water stores and carries this information in itself. That is why after you pour yourself a glass of structured water or run a bath or take a shower, or water your plants you can use the power of your heart,s gratitude and love to bless your water. This one simple thing can change the world 1 glass of water at a time. The energy of your blessing will be infused into the water and its vibration will be raised even higher. The beauty of your gratitude and love will form crystals similar to those you see in the videos below. Your body , your cells, your family, your plants, your pets, your animals, everything in your life will receive and benefit from this crystalline water.

When you unplug the bath and your water drains down the pipe it is returning in it crystalline form infused with your blessing .So even when it leaves your property it is going back into our ground water in its crystalline state. This is truly how we can start restoring our ground water, rivers and oceans. Every time you use your structured water system and infuse your water with gratitude you contribute to this.

A simple water blessing

I invite you to place your hands on your heart and take a deep breath connecting with the love that is there. Give thanks to the water you are about to drink or use and say a blessing like:

Short Blessing

1- Thank you blessed water for all the ways you enrich our lives thank you thank you thank you.

2- Thank you blessed water for giving your energy and life force so my body can become healthier. . Thank you Thank you Thank you

3- Thank you for helping us grow healthy nutritious vegetables and plants.

4- Thank you for helping my children grow healthy and strong.

As you start to do this you will find your own words that come in gratitude from your own heart and they are the best of all.

The amazing thing is as you give thanks and bless your water it not alone raises the vibration if your water it also raises your vibration too. Remember you are almost 90% water and the water in your own body is also receiving the words of gratitude and love you are speaking. Isn’t that amazing? It’s totally a win win for all.

Imagine how every drop of water in its crystalline state is nourishing and giving its energy to your body and the whole of your life.

You will feel uplifted every time you feel and speak your gratitude to the water and in this simple way you are powerfully transforming and assisting all the water in our eco system return to its original state.

The blessed water does not have to work so hard now to restore itself . With every drop you bless it will in turn entrain all the water it comes into contact with and your blessing is multiplied 100 fold.

That’s the power that comes from blessing one glass of water